What i did

This was my first freelance project actually. I made this with Craft, was my first touches with this and I must say, really liked it. In my day job I've made some CMS systems with React and PHP but damn this felt great to just rely on this.

How we did it

For the client it was really important that the video was all smooth and performance was great. Their video had to come out the best way possible. I used their video files from Vimeo to ensure performance.

My influence on the project

"Wanderkeit is a creative studio. After the initial design I felt that the design wasn't there yet. I talked about this with them and we went the extra mile to jump back into the design and made it just that bit better. Very satisfying project."


The cases

Wanderkeit want to profile itself as a creative studio, which was a great chance for me. The initial design they delivered was missed a lot of expressed imagery. That’s where I came in.


Case Detail

The work items used to be not that expressed in big thumbnails. Well, would you take a look at that! Oh and love that font!

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