What i did

I created the new website for Unday Records. It's still in development but we're getting there! After sitting down with the client I had a good understanding of what he needed, and felt it could be a great project. Which it was!

How we did it

I did all the design in sketch and some prototyping in After Effects. Development was in Craft for this project. For the front-end I used my own webpack configuration and just used twig files for templating.

My influence on the project

"I worked on design and development for the entire project and used interaction to create a fitting theme around the brand."


The first feel

I wanted to create a nice feeling on the homepage but immediatly set the tone for the entire experience. On load animations could not be forgotten. Scroll animations will happen with scrollMonitor by Stutrek, together with GSAP (for the best smoothness). I’ve worked with anime.js but I found that browsers aren’t always that happy with anime.js.

Getting to know unday as a label

To introduce some of the bands that are connected with Unday Records I want to play music throughout the website. The page will be a SPA with barba.js so the music can keep playing.


Introducing Unday

Their values are highly important to explain what kind of bands they want to attract. These are all custom and can be easily adjusted by the user. On scroll animations will be happening with scrollMonitor by Stutrek and GSAP (for maximum smoothness)



For the images I wanted to create 1 design aesthetic. Because a lot of the times images can make or break a website. To conform all the bands’ different styles I created a film grain overlay and desaturated the images. (ps: this is an iteration on the artist page, the images don’t seem clickable enough so had to go with another iteration)

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